Eggplant Shakshuka

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I’m all for variety in this meal. Most of the days I consume smoothies, acai bowls, overnight oats and chia pudding or avocado toast for breakfast. However, some days I just feel an uncontrollable need to eat something spicy and that’s when I cave in and make something like I did today.
In no ways am I saying that you should restrict this dish for breakfast. Have it for lunch or dinner by all means. Continue reading “Eggplant Shakshuka”

El Salvador

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would land in El Salvador and attempt to explore it. On our flight back to New York from Costa Rica, we had layover in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. We took the 8 hours long layover as an opportunity to have a glimpse of life in San Salvador.

The only things I had ever heard about the infamous El Salvador country were it being a major drug trafficking and mafia haven. I was about to get a reality check. Continue reading “El Salvador”