Escape to Capri : A one day itinerary

Flowers everywhere on the island
Flowers everywhere on the island

When every corner bursts with bunches of bright fuchsia bougainvillea and the ever-so-fragrant frangipani.
When the island vibes are hard to miss.
When it feels like there never was, and never will be, any season other than summer.
When you catch a waft of lemon fragrances floating in the air.
That’s when you know you’re in Capri!
You have all the reasons to be excited for embarking upon this Capri trip. Just follow this one-day itinerary and you’ll fall for Capri as hard as I did..

book a ferry to capri

Hydrofoil docked at Marina Grande
Hydrofoil docked at Marina Grande

In Naples, go to Calata Porta di Massa to book your ferry tickets to Capri, a day before your trip, and book the TMV/Fast Ferry, also called Hydrofoil, worth €22 per person, each way. Takes 50 mins to reach Capri. We booked with Caremar ferry company. The slow ferry NAVE charges €15 per person, each way but it takes close to 3 hours to reach Capri.
Groups pitch in and rent out private boats or catamarans to go to Capri. It’s an expensive option but kind of fun if you’re not prone to seasickness.


All ferries dock at Marina Grande. That’s why, the area is crowded, touristy and pricey. Avoid eating at the restaurants or buying souvenirs here. A simple spaghetti dish costs €14 at these restaurants, which is outrageously expensive considering you’re in Italy.
If you plan to swim at Marina Grande beach, the changing rooms across the street costs €2-€5. Another beach is all the way on the other side of the island called, Marina Piccola.

GET AROUND on the island

While on the island, you have options to rent a moped, a car, ride the lift or take bus to roam around. Rental companies charge around €40 per day for mopeds, however, the drive is too steep for a 50cc bike. Lift tram called Funicular or bus from Marina Grande to Capri costs €2 (one way) in CASH. Day pass costs €6. Tram has to be boarded at Funicolare station. Opposite to the Funicolare is the bus stop where you can board the bus to Capri and Anacapri. Bus trip is a little uncomfortable because the roads are steep and the bus is crowded. I ‘d recommend taking the Funicolare.

explore capri town

Capri streets
Capri streets

When you reach Capri, walk around town. Wander the winding roads, shop for some unique Italian artifacts, grab a bite to eat. Check out the pretty church of St Michael the Archangel. Sip on a lemony Limoncello Spritz at a bar to hydrate yourself. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liquer produced in the Sorrentine Peninsula. Taste the sea, savor the seafood. Try the local cuisine of Capri.
I’d suggest picking two from the other four sites on the island if this is your one day return trip. Pick from Anacapri, Grotta Azzura, Marina Piccola and Mount Solaro.

head to mount solaro

Capri from top
Capri from top

If you plan to go to the summit of Mount Solaro, take the chair lift from
Seggiovia di Monte Solaro from Capri or Anacapri. It costs €8(one way) or €11(return). The summit offers incredible panoramic views of the island and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Spend an hour or so to really absorb the spectacular landscape. Descend back to town by chair lift.

grotta azzurra

A bus from Capri, takes passengers to Anacapri and another one from Anacapri shuttles to Grotta Azzurra. It takes about half hour to reach the Grotta and there could be a queue worth an hour or more on the staircase to the cave entrance. Note that the staircase are 2-3 flights. The queue starts at the dock, where the boats are parked. Each boat accommodates 5 people and it costs €14 per person not including tip. The Helmsman ask for tips at the end of the tour. The tour lasts 5 mins but it’s a nice experience if you’re not planning to visit any other sea caves. Grab your GoPro and record the experience.
After seeing the Grotta, climb back up the stairs and take a bus to Anacapri.


Anacapri is much quieter and less touristy and frankly, prettier than Capri. Walk down the narrow cobbled streets, passing along white houses spilling bougainvillea on the streets. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a dream world. Shop for those souvenirs in Anacapri. Take away dinner food from Anacapri and head back to bus stop where you’ll board the bus back to Marina Grande.

The last ferry from Capri leaves at 22:05 and reaches Naples at 23:00. I’d board the earlier ferry to reach Naples in time to get a taxi back to hotel/BnB.

Amalfi Coast is another one-day trip from Naples. Looking for details?
Read my blog about Road Trip along the Amalfi Coast.

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