Somehow I associate Canada with a white pigeon clutching a twig in its beak soaring freely across snowy lands and white mountains, knowing no boundaries.
Your day starts with a ‘Good Morning’, passes between multiple humble Please’s, Sorry’s and Thank You’s and ends with a ‘Good Night’. Most polite people ever and a cosmopolitan bunch.

Canada is known for its serene lakes, picturesque landscapes, meandering roads, secluded trails lined by tall snow-dusted pine trees in dense forests guarded by enormous snow-capped mountains with a frozen lake in view. Dead silence everywhere except the soft plopping of snow flurries. Look at all the national parks in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec. Every sight looks surreal, like a picture straight out of a postcard or a Disney movie.

It’s not just the landscapes that make Canada, what it is. The sprawling downtown and cities, modern skyscrapers, french influenced architecture, efficient infrastructure, latest fashion stores, best food joints, premium liquors and what not.

The most popular attraction in Canada is, without a doubt, the Niagara Falls. Hundreds of thousand people visit Niagara Falls every year, some for the first time, others for second or even third time. I myself have visited Niagara Falls twice from Canada and once from New York side. It’s quite an area to explore, especially with inviting casinos, endless pubs and eateries, line of tempting candy shops with incredible displays that you just can’t stop gaping at.
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Talk about the magnificent cities of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal. Toronto is my first love. (READ: Where it all began..) This is the city where I started my travel adventures. I would love to move to Toronto, live in the downtown and grow old there. It’s so peaceful.
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Montreal is a complete different story. Being there simply doesn’t feel like you’re in Canada. All signs, hoardings, directions in French. Every alley and every building has its own character. Cobbled streets, quaint coffee shops, cozy breweries give it a Paris feel.
Coming up: Montreal and the Canadian French style.

My bucket list is incomplete sans the national parks of Canada. One of the summers, I wish to explore the scenic lands of Northern Canada, stay in a log cabin, light up a campfire and see millions of stars in the clear sky at night.
It’s not a dream, it’s a wish.

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