Perfect Travel Ideas for Every Type of Couple

Having travelled with my partner around 3 continents, I can say with absolute confidence that traveling strengthens your relationship with your partner. A successful trip with your spouse is an ultimate testament of the strong bond between you two.
Valentine’s Day creates a lot of pressure between couples. The pressure to celebrate the day, give and receive surprises, exchange gifts, flowers and heart shaped cookies. For me, it’s Valentine’s Day every single day. I never miss an opportunity to tell my partner I love him, shower him with kisses and comfort him with warm hugs at every chance I get. Why not just do what you both love and turn down the pressure? Take time off and go on a trip together.

Whatever type of couple you are, there’s a perfect travel idea for you in this list!

the foodie couple


It’s tough to narrow down on one place for one single cuisine. How about one great city where you can find every kind of cuisine. Turn your wheels towards New York City! Find the best of every thing in the gourmet capital of the world. Explore global haute-cuisine, savor some aphrodisiac delicacies and indulge in a complete gastro-sensory experience.
For Europeans, I would recommend Italy ofcourse! May be just because it’s my personal favorite for culinary tours.


Picnics at Vineyards
Picnics in Vineyards

Book a romantic day trip on the Napa Wine Train in Napa, California. Spend the night at a luxury cottage amongst the vineyards in Sonoma County, California.
It doesn’t have to be Napa or Sonoma. Pick your favorite wine country and pack a picnic for two. Strawberries, wine, chocolate. Kiss under the sun and acknowledge the importance of your partner’s presence in your life.
I would mention Italy again but I don’t want to sound obvious.


Tidal pools at a beach in Virgin Gorda, US Virgin Islands

Go crazy on a beach! Dig your toes in soft sand, dive in crystal clear waters, then relax by the beach sipping on fruity cocktails. put on those snorkel masks and explore the underwater world together while holding hands. It’s all about what you both love doing. That could be kite surfing, scuba diving, para sailing or as simple as reading a book lying under a palm tree.


Views at the summit of hiking trails

Hawaii has some mind-blowing hiking trails. Have you always dreamt of hiking the Stairway to Heaven trail in Oahu? Now is the time to take up that activity with your special one.
Pull up your socks, literally and tie those shoe laces. Pick a trail in your favorite woods and set off on that much-awaited hike this Valentine’s day. Hiking is the easiest way to spend quiet time with your partner. Amongst secluded forests, amid tall trees, it’s just the two of you and nothing but peaceful silence along with distant sound of water flowing. Easier to express your love when you don’t have distractions around.


Snorkeling at Sanur beach
Snorkeling some more in the crystal clear waters

Sky diving in Dubai is the ultimate experience for all the adventure bugs.
For the adrenaline junkies who aren’t afraid of heights, depths and the idea of a free fall from 12000 feet, go for a sky dive! Too extreme? Go for an indoor sky dive experience.
Take a tandem flight lesson, go zip lining. A couples slack-lining session is great too. Ski resort getaways are another perfect way to spend Valentine’s day. Whatever floats your boat!


Coral World
Coral World

Fly to Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos or Jordan. A place that allows you to unplug and rejuvenate a couple of overworked minds. Step into a spa and feel your troubles melt away. Learning a new language, soaking in the exotic new culture and indulging in local cuisine are some of the things you two can try as a couple.


louvre museum
Musee Du Louvre

There’s so many places that fit your budget if you’re a photography-enthusiast couple. I cant recommend Paris enough when it comes to photography. Spending days capturing the beauty of this city can never get boring. I’ve heard similarly about Budapest. People love to admire and capture the essence of Budapest while standing on the bridge over River Danube.
Want to crank it up a notch? Fly to India and photograph the famous Kumbh Mela, Jaipur and Taj Mahal, living a photographers dream.


Death Valley National Park
Routes along the way

You have the world at your feet! Quite literally. Put the pedal to the metal and drive off into the unknown. This could be a great day to embark upon an epic roadtrip. Trace your route, pack your bags and be off. You’ll create some unforgettable memories on the way, share laughs, sing songs, open up about your relationship. Just you two and the road.


sunset on pacific coast
Mind blowing sunsets from Pacific Highway 1

Steer your ship to the Greek Island of Santorini if you both love to see surreal sunsets. The sunsets you see here will be the best ever. Oddly hypnotizing.
If that’s not feasible, drive along the Pacific Highway of California and see the sun gradually set on the Pacific Ocean by Big Sur.

the LUXURy travelers

Falling in love all over again
Spending quality time together

Cruise, helicopter rides, private yachts, chartered flights etc. The world is your oyster. Endless options here. All you need is TIME! Plan a romantic escape involving a luxury resort, a private island, may be a overwater bungalow. Think Maldives, Seychelles, Galapagos, St Baarts, St Kitts. Come up with your favorite destination. Open a bottle of bubbly, book a couples massage and let this vacation top all your vacations ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Want to start traveling with your partner? Know before you go! Read Traveling with your Better Half in my 2-part series.


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