About Me

Hello folks! I’m Salouni. A travel junkie and passionate foodie stuck in a stereotypical engineer’s body! I have traveled across India, US, Canada, UAE, savored various cuisines, experienced diverse culture and compiled number of food articles(freelance) while on the go. Experimenting with food, wandering to distant places, walking new lands, capturing alluring sights makes me feel lively. And that’s exactly what I intend to do as long as I can!

My 9 to 5 job surely paid my bills but didn’t quite excite me. Always felt like life is incomplete. Something at the back of my mind kept me nudging that its probably my comfort zone that’s making me feel incomplete. It happened in 2014 when I had to travel to Canada for work. The experience was a big time eye-opener. I realized what travel could do to a person’s mental and emotional capabilities. Cooking and travelling gave me that sense of completeness. Writing/blogging is just a cherry on top. So now I earn to fund my travels, sponsor my kitchen equipment and buy me unforgettable experiences.

I have no clue what the future holds for me or this journey of mine, but I wish to have fun doing what I do until I can. It’s all murky until you find your way, doesn’t mean you’ll never find it.

Open to collaborations related to my food and/or travel. Mail for details.