About Me


Who am I?

A responsible traveler, an experiential travel blogger, a hardcore foodie and an experimental cook. That’s me SALOUNI!
Fulfilling my life’s purpose by doing what I love and loving what I do. Software Engineer by profession, a perpetually hungry nomad at heart, I’m here to tell my travel stories and hopefully inspire others to follow suit. Obsessed with superlative degrees, I wish to see the tallest, highest, lowest, fastest of all the things that the world has to offer. I strongly believe that the best is yet to be.

What’s the point of starting a blog?

One word – passion!
I have always loved to write, even when I didn’t know I did. If there’s anything I’ve cared about its the response I receive for what I write; its the effect writing has on people. This blog is my outlet. Its the expression of my creativity, my thoughts and my ideas that I’ve put into words. I own it; I decide what goes into it; I decide how to drive it. I can operate it independent of any publishing house or huge corporate businesses. I don’t have to slave incognito behind someone else’s name or logo. Its the freedom of creativity that gives me happiness and satisfaction.

What have I done?

Traveled with my husband across 2 continents, 10 countries, 70 cities in a span of 3 years. Lived a great chunk of these years in US. Explored the Caribbean waters, rocked a giant swing in the great North, bashed tall dunes in Dubai, fly boarded in the Keys, zip lined through Costa Rican rain forests and walked through serene rice terraces of Bali.

What is this blog about?

This is an experiential travel blog, meaning I pen down everything I saw, experienced and used during my travels. Its about easy, hassle-free and realistic trips. Something people like you and me would deem achievable and affordable. I like giving travel tips, how-to hacks and other information that I found useful or have personally used to accomplish my tasks. So I can say its a little bit about lifestyle, practical fashion, planning and organization.

How has travel shaped how I am today?

Travel has opened my eyes and mind to new experiences. The diversity I’ve come across while traveling is astounding and I’ve learnt that I like embracing it. On every tour, be it a cruise or a backpacking trip, I’ve met people, learnt about their culture, heard their travel and life stories, shared mine with them. I can say that travel has made me a more curious person. It has sharpened my planning, time management, decision making and organization skills. It has certainly enhanced some qualities in me like patience, perseverance and tolerance. I’m a much better version of me now.

Why is storytelling important to me?

In school, I had always found myself either daydreaming about totally absurd stuff or drifting off during history classes. I concluded its probably because I hated the subject and considered it to be dull, boring and unimportant. However, in my 8th grade, this new teacher who taught history like a dramatic story, changed me into a history-loving student. She narrated episodes in the most gripping manner that had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails out of thrill. I realized that if storytelling can make something as boring as history into something interesting and exciting, I think it can be one of the best tools to influence a large crowd, keep them engaged and eager for more.

What this blog is not about?

To clarify things, this blog is not about ultra-luxurious lifestyle or hardcore adventures or nomad life. The blog is also not about health, wellness, photography & videography tips or high-end fashion. I’m not a pro in any of these fields and it would be wrong of me to advice anyone on these subjects. It is not about specifically solo or couple travel. None of the trips on this blog have been solo. I travel with my husband who shares my love for travel.

What you can do..

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