An evening of accidents

Clink! Crash! Smash! Shatter!
The martini glass slipped from her hand, hit the edge of the bar counter and fell to the ground scattering tiny pieces of glass in every direction. Her clumsiness had invited piercing glares from every eye in the bar. The cause of the accident was her unnecessarily hearty chortle in reaction to a sarcastic comment passed by the bride at the table.

The bride had just made a rather haughty comment that her fiancé was lucky she chose him and that marriage is a privilege bestowed upon few lucky people. Something in the bride’s condescending tone hinted the remark was directed at her, the only single girl at the table. She wanted to pass it off as a joke by giggling at that but failed miserably.

She excused herself to slip to the restroom to blot the sprayed drink from her dress. After spending a couple of seconds trying to stabilize herself in an upright posture, she turned to look for the restroom. Next part was attempting to focus on the path towards the restroom and walking straight without staggering or worse, falling onto other patrons. “Almost there!”, she said to herself and tripped on the first stair collapsing forward and colliding into a gentleman who was on his way out.

The scene seemed like something out of a fantasy novel. She made a half-hearted effort to stand up quickly and get away from her handsome savior’s accidental embrace. Clumsy as she was, she stepped on his toe, piercing his shoes with the stiletto heel. “Ow!” , he reacted as slightly as he could. She instantly apologized, “SOh! I’m sorry!”. “Are you ok?”, he asked. She felt blood rush to her cheeks. “Yeah! yeah! I’m fine. Didn’t notice the stair there.” , she replied while blushing profusely. Her already tangled thoughts just got injected with some more toxins, causing major confusion in her brain. He began walking away and so did she while glancing back at his retreating figure. She was still smiling while watching him leave when she pushed open the restroom door and stepped inside. One glance inside and to her horror she realized she had walked right into the men’s room. There was a cry in unison followed by “Hey”, “Whoa” and “where you goin’ lady?” The men inside hurriedly pulled up their zippers but she had already witnessed images that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She retreated as quickly as she had entered, shutting the door and shaking her head violently as if to pop out the restroom scene from her mind and somehow delete it permanently. Yet another attempt in vain.

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