How to spend 24 hours in London? – Offbeat things to do in London

London in summer is nothing short of a dream. But there’s so much going on in the city that it might overwhelm you. Tourists everywhere, which means long queues, hours of waiting and crowded places. I’d much rather ditch the touristy places and experience London a different way. Wondering how you could make the most of your 24 hours in the capital city on UK? Follow my simple itinerary to catch the best of London. You will not regret it!

  1. Breakfast at cute cafes in Belgravia
    Why pick same old grub options when you could have pretty looking coffees and artisan pastries at a stylish cafe in London? Start your day with a bangin’ hot beverage and some avocado toast at Peggy Porschen Cakes or Daylesford Organic Cafe in Belgravia. It sure will be a nice start to your day in London.

    Breakfast in London
    Peggy Porschen in Belgravia
  2. Stroll in Hyde Park
    Now that you’re full of scrumptious breakfast, head to Hyde Park for a stroll. Open up a nice book or just take in the lush gardens around.

    things to do in london
    A hot summer’s day in London
  3. Catch local artists performing at Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus
    You’ll probably never find these places empty. Just walk past it and you’ll catch street performers doing their gig and onlookers cheering on.
  4. Visit Platform 9 &3/4 at King’s Cross Station for a photo
    This one is for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Muggles, look away!

    Things to do in London
    King’s Cross Platform 9 3/4
  5. Grab a bite for lunch at Borough Market

    borough market london
    At Borough Market

    Borough Market can get pretty crowded during lunch hours, especially on weekdays. Take your pick from an array of cuisines lined up at the market serving some of the most mouthwatering delicacies. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time here. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, try the Cheese Racelette on Potatoes at Kappacasein Dairy.

  6. Walk across Tower Bridge and spend an hour reading at Potters Fields Park
    The famous Tower Bridge of London is a great photo spot if you want to play the perfect tourist. I walked around and across the bridge thrice in a span of 4 days. On a pleasant summer’s day, there’s nothing like spending time here.

    things to do in London
    Brunch with a view
  7. Visit the gardens and Kensington Palace
    Visiting a royal palace was sort of dream for me. I’ve always been curious about the royal household. There’s an entrance fee to see the insides of the palace, however, most part of the royal gardens is open to visitors. Well manicured lawns, english roses and a variety of other beautiful plants to be seen here.

    things to do in London
    Kensington Palace Gardens
  8. Enjoy High Tea or a drink with the best views of London city in Shangri-La at The Shard
    This one was hands-down my favourite part of this day. (The gloomy day made it hard to get a decent picture.) How good is that view for your high tea! Instead of buying a ticket to the London Eye and waiting in queue for your turn, I say head up to Shangri-La at The Shard and enjoy a stunning view of the city while comfortably sipping on a cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey.

    things to do in London
    View of the city from Shangri La at the Shard
  9. Grab a drink or two at a good English pub
    Lot of movies have showcased old English pubs to be the heart and soul of old England. Thats where the old crowd meets and greets. These pubs are a part of London’s unique history. Grab a pint and pie at The Old Bank of England or Ye Olde Mitre and it’ll take you back a few decades in London.
  10. Walk around Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road to experience London nightlife.
    I can’t believe I kept this for the last but trust me when I say this is the most happening place in London to experience the social nightlife. Streets lined with great restaurants, bars and pubs. Just walking around the streets here made me feel alive and realize how hip London can be. There’s something for everyone.

There you go! Now you have a great guide to London.

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