The Most Romantic Things to do in Paris

“How would you like to be
Down by the Seine with me
Oh, what I’d give for a moment or two
Under the bridges of Paris with you”

                                          – Dean Martin


Breakfast in bed

Holiday Inn Paris

Now don’t think like ‘I didn’t spend so much money and come this far just to stay in bed’. Being on a romantic vacation with your special someone means spending every moment doing romantic stuff that you usually wouldn’t find the time to do. Amid the crazy routines that working couples face today, it’s a rare pleasure to take the time off to lazily lie in bed and sip hot coffee while enjoying each others company. Book a room with a view or deck as a bonus. Cuddle up in a blanket on a foggy morning.



Walk along Seine River

seine river walk-1775Reminisce all the good times you two have spent together. The first date, the time he proposed, your engagement, your wedding, the birthdays, the anniversaries.. all of it! And happily realize there are many more of those to come.

Picnic with a view of Eiffel tower

champagne eiffel-3369

Pop the cork off of that bottle of bubbly. Celebrate the day you first met or the day you first kissed. Pack up a picnic with some strawberries, dark chocolate, a baguette, some exceptional french cheese and that expensive bottle of champagne you had reserved for a special occasion like this one. If you feel the crowd around is a blot on the landscape then take your party to Jardin du Luxembourg, find a cozy corner bench and continue with the romance.




Dinner for two

Piano bar-3920

Nothing enhances romance like music. Reserve a table at a Piano Bar or a Jazz club. Some wine and close dance will help set the mood. Spend the night swaying to classy smooth Jazz. Rekindle that spark that you know is hiding somewhere.


Wander hand-in-hand on the streets of Montmartre village

montmartre village

Remember when you were young and carefree? You had just met each other and were head over heels in love. Every touch made you blush. Holding hands, walking street after street, lost in talks, not a care in the world. Why not relive those little moments of intimacy on this romantic trip. “Why not here, why not now? What better place than Paris? “

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