7 Tips to make the most of your Venice vacation

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Stay in Venice

For first timers to Venice, my very basic tip would be to stay a minimum of 2 nights or more, otherwise you won’t get to see the real Venice. Check for city day passes at the official website of Venezia Unica.

Gondola ride

Gondola Ride
Gondola ride

Even though it’s too mainstream and touristy, riding the Gondola will add a nice cultural touch to your Venetian vacation. If you think it’s not worth it, go for a ferry ride around town. It’s cheaper and you still get to explore the canals.

Avoid tourist traps

Beware of restaurant managers trying to lure you in to their restaurants for prices that seem too good to be true. We felt cheated when we were billed twice more than what we expected by adding service charges & cover charges.
People try to sell you all kinds of souvenirs, especially near San Marco’s Basilica. Steer clear of those.

sunset in Venice
Sunset in Venice

Basilica di san marco

If you want to avoid crowds at all costs, skip Basilica di San Marco during day time. Wake up early around 6am and head to the cathedral to have it all for yourself.
Here’s me revealing a secret tip to have an unforgettable evening in Venice – if you want to watch the best sunset of your life, go to my secret spot by Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Penitenti with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Thank me later!


While Venice is no doubt very beautiful, but if you aren’t in a time crunch, catch a ferry to Murano and make it a day trip. Best way is to take a 20 minutes ALILAGUNA ferry ride from Ferry Terminal Nove “A”. City pass and ferry tickets are available on Venezia Unica. Explore Murano, checkout Museo del Vetro or Museum of Glass. Shop for the famous handmade glass artifacts as souvenirs for friends and family.


Further ahead of Murano, lies the island of Burano. Alilaguna has ferries to Bruano too. Burano is less crowded than Venice. It’s brightly colored buildings do attract tourists though. Visit the Lace Museum, Love Viewing Bridge and a walk along Fondamenta di Cao Moleca.



Venice has a lot to offer. However, don’t pile on unnecessary stuff in your luggage. Skip the things that are ordinary or can be found elsewhere in Italy. Check out those beautiful face/eye masks (not the beauty products, the ones worn at masquerade balls). Pick up that bottle of delicious wine or Prosecco you liked. Don’t shy away from investing in a bottle of good quality truffle oil. Special Murano glass lamps or chandeliers would look elegant and classy in your living room. Take your pick!

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