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You know that feeling you experience when you’re about to do something super exciting? A flash of flutter in your tummy, a dreamy new train of thoughts, pumped up heartbeats, a strange jittery high and goosebumps! I get that every time there’s a thrilling sojourn on the horizon for me, a titillating food experiment to be conducted in my tiny kitchen lab, even tasting a refreshing new cuisine or spending hours with my camera trying to get the perfect shot in a frame. Something my 9 to 5 job never did for me.

I can do more than scribble with words and express better on paper than in talks. Not scared of heights, depths or speed, I’m absolutely crazy for rip-roaring and spine-tingling kinda adventure activities.

I don’t claim to be an expert but I know these things make me beyond happy!

That’s me, Salouni! A freaky foodie, aspiring chef, travel junkie bitten by the adventure bug, impassioned writer, photography enthusiast and a cheerful soul. Fortunately, I have found a formula for myself to attain nirvana and I hope nothing but to inspire others as I have been by countless fellow bloggers.

Join me for healthy dose of inspiration!

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