First step

Clothes off, eyes shut tight and muscles clenched, she took a deep breath and climbed the “Everest”.
She yelped and quickly jumped off of the weighing scale fearing someone might peek at the digits before they disappear, momentarily forgetting she was all alone in her apartment and there was no way the scale could memorize the numbers and flash just for her husband to see it. Her fears were confirmed.
It was tiring to hear from almost everyone she knew that she had put on weight. She knew she had. She was hoping it would go unnoticed, but clearly, that wasn’t happening. For days, she had been avoiding the scales, petrified to see the damage. She thought she would sweat it out at the gym before measuring herself so as to soften the blow. Since that didn’t happen she forced herself to stand on the scales when her favorite jeans just wouldn’t zip up. Acknowledging the weight gain would help her to make a guilt trip to the gym. She knew her day was ruined. She put her clothes on that she had stripped earlier to discard as much excess weight as possible. Under normal conditions, she would binge on a fried snack or scoop out a dollop of ice-cream to make her feel better but today she refrained from taking a bite of leftover Tiramisu cake from her fridge.
It was all about taking the first step towards your goal.
Well begun is half done!




Photo Credit : Barbells and Blueberries. Found it through google.

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