Paris of my dreams

It would sound silly if I said I’ve always felt a strong connection towards Paris. How can I have when I’ve lived a life thinking I could never be fortunate enough to have an opportunity to step foot in this magical city?

In every book that I’ve read about Paris, the author has spoken so fondly about this city that it created a tiny amount of pressure in my mind. I wondered, what if when time comes for me to actually set foot on Parisian cobbled streets, I end up feeling disappointed. There’s a small chance I may feel the city is hyped for no reason.

A thousand apprehensions would cloud my mind. Will it actually be the way those authors have described it? Will it still have that old/world charm? Will I still be able to relate it to the glorious history I’ve known about Paris?

I know it sounds like I’m afraid of disappointments but wouldn’t you be if you’ve built up a certain amount of expectations about a place you’ve been waiting to see your whole life? And from a city like Paris no less, the pressure is tangible.

But now that I’ve seen for myself what everyone has been exaggerating about, I’m left with nothing but a heart full of admiration and love for this city. Not only has it managed to retain its charm but also it has worn it’s history in every corner, on every building, proudly like a badge of honor on a heaving chest.
Every ‘rue’ you enter tells you a different story, a chapter of its own share in Parisian history. Every building is a landmark, every tree has stood through the era gone by and witnessed legendary events. Every person, tourist or local, in Paris at this moment is a part of Paris’ story. The stylish demeanor that Parisians carry off is so distinct that it’s almost hard to ignore. It’s impossible to be in Paris and not to do like the locals do. Go places the locals go, eat where they eat, drink where they drink. When in Paris, you want to be Parisian.

You don’t want to relinquish that French vibe even after you leave. That feeling has made all the difference in your life. You feel like you’re a changed person now, life has new meaning.

Because now you’ve been to Paris!

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