My London Bucketlist

Gosh! I had very few things on this list initially. To be honest, this list began with my first nursery rhyme – “London Bridge is falling down..” But I feel deceived by this poem, now that I’ve actually seen London bridge. The bridge picture next to the poem was actually of Tower bridge and not London bridge. I’m a bit mad at that! Wouldn’t you be if your whole life you believed in one thing and it turns out to be false? You visit London expecting to see London bridge and you end up at a flat bridge with nothing to look at! Thankfully, I could see the Tower bridge from the London bridge and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Apart from that slight hitch, I am happy to announce that, herewith, for all intents and purposes, you can consider me a part of the “I ♥ LONDON” bandwagon. Even though my bucketlist and top 10 favorite places in London differ vastly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is how my initial bucketlist looked like:
1. The top spot was occupied by London bridge (now Tower bridge).
2. Second place I wanted to see was the London Eye.
3. Third thing on my list was Westminster Abbey.
4. Next came, Buckingham Palace. I’ve always been fascinated about the royal family, like million other people.
5. Finally, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Then came all the places I’ve seen in movies, sitcoms and read in books. Big Ben, Kensington Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross, Tottenham Court road,  Lord’s cricket ground, Wimbledon, King’s Cross Station, London Zoo etcetera.

When I actually landed in London, this list of mine doubled in size. I added at least 20 more places in there. That included Borough Market, Elizabeth Street, Green Park, Hyde Park, Sherlock Holmes Museum, S Paul’s Cathedral, Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Battersea Park and many more.

I’m writing another post on where exactly I went, how I explored nooks and corners of London in 4 days, and which places I think you shouldn’t miss out on, when you visit London. Stay tuned!

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