Narrow escape

She ushered the cart swiftly through the automatic doors of the huge supermarket. Upon entering, her extra-sensitive nose caught a waft of freshly baked herb bread on display at the tiny subway counter on the right. Ignoring an audible growl from her stomach, she quickly sped towards the fresh food aisle skipping apparel and accessories section. For a moment she thought she left the list on the kitchen counter of her tiny apartment but after fumbling in her purse for a minute she retrieved a small, slightly crumpled post-it note and ironed it between her palms to straighten and reveal the contents. After researching numerous diet plans and later stumbling upon articles mentioning the side effects of those regimens, she had settled upon a comfortable diet chart. Sugar and carbs were allowed on weekends. Fats and oils were permitted for daily consumption albeit the healthy kind. She had jotted down ingredients from some of the recipes shown on their website. Some ingredients she could hardly even pronounce let alone know the use of them. Precariously she began her hunt for the items on her list. She emerged from the market after about an hour, feeling slightly proud of herself for shopping healthy. Instantly shifting focus to her now uncontrollably grumbling stomach, she hopped to the bakery next door and happily pointed out to her favorite cheesecake when asked for her order… šŸ™‚

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