Carb story

She checked the time on her mobile. It was 7pm. She impatiently waited for the sound of distant footsteps to fade completely before tiptoeing across the hall like a ninja in stealth mode, scanning for any sign of human life in the now dimly lit office area. Just as quietly she pushed the already ajar door open in one quick motion, squeezed inside shutting the door close behind her and began on the lookout for her prize. She stopped when her eyes found what they were looking for. She glanced back over her shoulder and around for the last time to confirm total isolation and leaped for the box.
There it was.. A single solid ring of the most delicious doughnut gleaming with a luscious glaze of sugar. She had forgotten all about the debate she had with herself in her mind during lunch when she pouted at the dry salad in her lunchbox.
“Oh carbs!”, she thought to herself, “How I’ve missed you!”.
Without another thought she stuffed the doughnut in her mouth tearing off a giant chunk and chewing on it with her eyes shut in pleasure, a moan of satisfaction escaping intermittently.

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