I prey!

Like a crouched Bengal Tiger preparing to pounce on his prey, she bent low, the dewy green grass of the meadow almost scratching her stomach. Her gaze fixed in one direction. With every breath she inhaled its mouthwatering aroma. Prowling closer to get a better look, she felt her mouth dry up and her throat burn in anticipation.

She knew she had no competitor around. It was just her and the prey on a boundless meadow. There was just the one thought that filled her head, devour the prey! The essence of it made it hard to think about any repercussions her actions might cause. The hunger was so intense, she didn’t really have a choice. It drove her insane.

“This is it. Now!”, she thought to herself and leaped towards the direction she was so intently gazing. She expected the thing to notice her approach, may be run for its life but it went unnoticed. She sprinted at full speed, the cold breeze stinging her cheeks, flinging her frizzy mane behind. All she had to do was jump over the thinning bushes and sink her razor sharp teeth into the prey. She gathered some more pace, pushed her feet against the ground and vaulted over the bush only to land with a loud thud in a pot full of cheese fondue heating over a small burner. The cheese splashed all around.
She realized the pot was getting hot and felt a sharp burning sensation. Before anything else could happen, she frantically snapped open her eyes and jolted out of the dream.

In her sleep, she had rolled over her phone which was plugged to the charger, causing it to overheat. She unplugged the phone and slid it on the side table. Perturbed, she turned back to go to sleep with a lingering thought in her mind “wonder what the fondue tasted like?”

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